MAZEThe MAZE specialist parenting program

for parents of children with additional needs


The MAZE is aimed at parents of children who have an additional need, such as ASD, global delay, ADHD, ODD and many other types of difficulties. It has been written by Sue Anderton (Outreach Manager, Market Field School) and Naomi Byford (Community Nurse Specialist, ACE).


The MAZE runs for 12 weeks for 2 hours each week with refreshments on arrival and available throughout the session, with a break half way through.  Here are the sessions that we cover each week:


·  Session 1: Introduction

   Session 2: Play/Leisure and time together

   Session 3: Sensory Integration Difficulties

   Session 4: Communication

   Session 5: Social Understanding

   Session 6: Lifestyle issues (sleep, continence, diet)

   Session 7: Praise and rewards

   Session 8: Limit setting and Consequences

   Session 9: Understanding restrictive behaviour

   Session 10: Wheel of Child Development

   Session 11: What about me? Building resilience

   Session 12: Moving on; planning for the future


Some of these sessions are delivered by supporting professionals, such as a Community Nurse, Specialist Autism teacher, Speech Therapist and also by experienced parents. Additionally, there is support and involvement by other local agencies such as Autism Anglia and Families In Focus.

Here are some of the comments parents have made about what they gained from the MAZE:

·       ‘I have gained a very good insight, understanding and knowledge about other children with needs and my own daughter’s needs.’

·        ‘How to manage myself better in difficult situations with my daughter – I am calmer now, I talk with her.’

·        ‘The information gave me a better insight into the difficulties my son experiences on a daily basis. It will help us be more understanding, tolerant, have realistic expectations and manage situations in a more effective and positive way.’

·       ‘I gained confidence to speak up in meetings and appointments, a better understanding of my son’s view of the world and a more positive future for my son.

·        ‘Lots of helpful advice and practical ideas and important and helpful contacts.’

sue·       ‘A great deal of support and information.’

For more information contact Sue Anderton at:

CALL: 07708 873023

EMAIL: moc.tenretnitbnull@ezameht




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