Counselling For Siblings and Young Carers

Having a brother or sister with a disability or long term health condition can be difficult at times. Research has shown children often cope better with the challenge of having a disabled sibling if they have help to understand the situation. Children/young people may also be young carers for a family member with a disability. Cerebra has produced a very helpful article about the istock girlspecific problems faced by siblings of children with brain related conditions.

Counselling may give a child/young person the safe space, time and opportunity to explore their feelings, experiences and knowledge of their sibling’s disability.

Organisations that help to support siblings and young carers include:

Sibs – for brothers and sisters of children and adults with disabilities.

Young Carers



NHS film about having a sibling with a disability.


If you feel that sibling or young carer counselling may be helpful to you or your child please contact Caroline for more information.


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