The Special Needs Counselling Service abides by and adheres to the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapy’s Ethical Framework. This provides confidentiality with all clinical work.  So when you meet with your counsellor/therapist you know that your family, friends, work colleagues and so on will not get to learn what you have said in a counselling session. Neither will your counsellor/therapist discuss you with their friends and family.

But … what confidentiality also means is that your counsellor/therapist will discuss your case with a strictly limited number of other professionals for sound ethical reasons.   During your first session your counsellor/therapist will discuss what this confidentiality means – and what are the boundaries of it. If you have any concerns or questions about this please feel free to discuss them at any point.

  • Your therapist/counsellor meets with their clinical supervisor at least one a month to discuss cases and work. This is to ensure that they are working in line with best practice, keeping with ethical principals, and dealing professionally with any difficulties that arise.
  • Your therapist/counsellor undertakes continued professional development (training courses etc.), they may refer to certain casework in order to review or reflect upon the work they do (all details will be anonymised, meaning they won’t use your name nor other identifying information).
  • UK law may require of your counsellor/therapist to break confidentiality if they learn of something that is unlawful. For example where there is good reason to believe that you or someone else may be at risk of serious harm, information may be revealed to third parties outside of the service. However, unless the situation is an emergency, they would endeavour to discuss the proposed disclosure with you in advance and try to obtain your consent.
  • A Counsellor can be required by a court of law to provide information about a client, although this situation is very rare.
Member of The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy
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